Non Surgical Homeopathically Cured Cases of
Gall Stone

List of Cases
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Sl. No. Name Age Result Disease
1 Suman 35 Cured Normally distended. walls are normal. A 15 mm and multiple small calculi are seen in it.
2 Roshni 23 Cured Normally distended.Lumen is clear. Walls are 2 mm.
3 Saba 26 Cured Normal in size, & shape. No calcules present. Walls are Normal.
4 Surya Kali 30 Cured Gall Bladder is well distended. Wall is not thickened. Lumen shows clear fluid.
5 Smriti 30 Cured Normal in Size & Shape. Two Small Polyp 4.5 mm & 5 mm dia are Seen Along Anterior and Posterior Part Body GB. Walls are Normal.
6 Shanti 45 Cured Normal in Size & Shape. Multiple Hyperechoic Foci (3-5 mm) are Seen in GB Lumen. Walls are Normal.
7 alfiya mahreen 23 cured. cholelithiasis with choledocholithiasis dilated c b d and promient I H B R.
8 anuraag 9 cured. g.b --a calculus of 7 mm size.
9 ram narayan 56 Improvment.

rigth kidney a calculs  8.5mm and lower calyex 5.6 mm.

g.b shows multiple of 8 to 9 mm.

10 Jyoti 25

Gall Bladder Stone - Cured

GB- Wall is thickened and oedematous
Multiple calculi with acoustic shadow are seen in lumen .
11 Madhuri Tripathi 50 Gall Stone -Cured Multiple calculi 2-4 mm seen in lumen IMP- Cholelithiasis
12 Abdul Faheem 22 Gall Bladder Stone -Cured Single Calculie in 10 mm in GallBladder
13 Awadesh Kumar 46 Gall stone - cured GB contracted and small and small multipile calculi in lumen imp cholecystis with choleithiais
14 Ahmehdi Begum 50 Gall Stone - Cured Liver-Shows mild enlargement with generalised increased paranchymal echogencity?fatty changes.GB-Single large stone seen within lumen,measuring 34.1mm.Wal appears thickened.measure 4.5mm.
15 Girja Devi 60 G B Stone -Improved GB-Lumen shows one calculus of 25 mm.
Present problem-Since two and a half years gall stone.
Pain in upper abdomen to whole abdomen.
16 Archana 33 G B Stone-Cured Kidney-Rt kidney show s a small calculus of 6.00mm in size middle calyx.
Lt side two calculi of 4mm and 7 mm in size are present in lower calyx.
IMP-Mild splenomagly with multiple mesenteric lymphadenopathy?Granulomatous.
B/L renal stone.
17 Siddharth yadav 14

G.B Bladder-Cured

GB -Multiple small mobile stones with sludge seen in lumen
measuring 5 mm
18 Snajay 36 G.B.Stone-Cured GB-is grossly distended and shows a calculus of 10-11 mm impacted at the neck
GB wall is slightly thickened.
19 Kiran Devi 30

G.B. Stone-Cured

GB- Poorly distended ,
Multiple calculi seen Largest two measures 1.7 & 1.3 cms
20 Shama Rizwan 24 G.B.Stone-Cured U/S dated 22/12/11 GB stone of 3-5 mm
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