Non Surgical Homeopathically Cured Cases of
Bulky Uterus

List of Cases
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Sl. No. Name Age Result Disease
1 Sahjadi Khatoon 38 Cured Normal in Size, Shape & Echopattern. Endometrium Central, Cavity Clear.
2 Alka 44


Seen Normal in Shape and Echopattern & Echogenesity. Endometrial Echoes are Linear Normal. No Focal Mass Identified. Cervix Normal. Size Measures 82x51x51 mm.
3 Rubina 33 cured. bulky uteru s endomerrial echoes are 7mm.
4 Madhuri 38 Bulki Uterus-Cured Uterus is anteverted of bulky size 9.38 x 4.35 x 4.72 CM
5 Arti Devi 56 Bulky Uterus-cured & GB Stone-Improved U/S dated 16/12/08 GB shows multiple calculi with bulky sludge
IMP- Cholelithiasis with Bulky uterus.
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